Filename structure for servers

Images captured with Eyer are sent to Eyercloud, Eyer’s native cloud platform, or can be sent to an external server via SMB, FTP and Dicom protocols. The FTP and SMB protocols have different file structures that can be adapted to report and medical record systems. Eyer allows you to configure this structure according to the server and system that the clinic uses.

Examples of folder structure and file names:


1- SMB folder structure
2- Example of file name

Examples of how it would look saved on the computer:

Structure saved on computer

To configure Eyer according to your system parameters, perform the following steps:

The folder structure and filename settings are found in the server configuration. After registering the server information, in the filename structure field, click Add property to configure the structure.


After clicking on “Add Property”, the user can choose the following fields to compose the file name in any quantity:

1. Free text
         1.1 – Create Folder – Put a / in the field and click the + button
         1.2 – Fixed Text – The user must type a text in the field and click on the + button to add it.

2. Clinic information:
       2.1 – Clinic Name
       2.2 – Fancy Name 

3. Examination Information:
         3.1 –  Unique exam identifier
         3.2 –  Date and time of the exam creation

4. Image Information
         4.1 – Unique image identifier
       4.2 – Date and time
         4.3 – Image type ( Color, redFree, Panoramic )
         4.4 – Laterality

5. Patient
         5.1 – Full name
         5.2 – Unique identifier
         5.3 – Patient ID (DICOM)
         5.4 – SSN
         5.5. – Document 2
         5.6 – Document 3
         5.7 – Document 3
         5.8 – Prontuário

Screenshot 20230727 112726 Eyer

After setting the file structure you want, click confirm.

Screenshot 20230727 112435 Eyer

At the end of the registration you will see an example of how the file will be saved on your computer.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.