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Phelcom was created from the personal story of Diego Lencione, one of the founders, who witnessed his brother’s retina and vision impairment since childhood. This triggered his interest in visual health, and, together with Flávio Paschoal Vieira and José Augusto Stuchi, resulted in the development of Eyer – a portable retinal camera that aims to help combat severe visual impairment and blindness.

Diego Lencione com seu irmão Welber Lencione
Img Social Exames Welber

Diego Lencione with his brother, Welber Lencione. Next to it, images of Welber’s eyes captured with the Eyer Portable Retinal Camera in 2017.

Nowadays, Phelcom Technologies is a Brazilian medtech with the purpose of making visual health more accessible. Through partnerships with professionals committed to this mission, it has reached more than two million people across Brazil and the world. And, in four years, it has participated in more than 100 social actions.

Check out some of the social actions that Phelcom has had the honor of participating throughout Brazil!

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Img Eyermaps Illuminar


Eyer helps Iluminar project to track diabetic retinopathy in more than 700 people in the backlands of Sergipe

Img Eyermaps Itabuna

Itabuna (BA)  Diabetes Campaign

Handheld Fundus Camera is featured in international journal by identifying Diabetic Retinopathy patients

Img Eyermaps Retinaglobal

retina global

Retina Global uses Eyer to track diseases in Kenya

Img Eyermaps Retinaglobal

Papa Francisco Hospital Boat

Expedition of the Papa Francisco Hospital Boat serves more than 4 thousand people in the Holy Land (PA)

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The world’s first portable retinal camera with high-quality

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