Eyer is approved in the United Arab Emirates
August 22, 2023
Manoela Campos


Allm MEA is responsible for marketing the portable retinal camera in the MENA region. In July, Phelcom conducted training sessions in Dubai and Cairo, Egypt.
Phelcom nos Emirados Árabes

Recently, Phelcom visited the MENA region to train Allm MEA on using and presenting the Eyer retinal camera. This non-mydriatic device attaches to a smartphone and performs high-quality retinal examinations in just a few minutes.

The training took place at the Allm MEA office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “We conducted onboarding with our distributors, who are already highly qualified to demonstrate the advantages of Eyer to customers in the region,” emphasizes Phelcom’s International Business Manager, Mário Costa.

In addition, the Phelcom team visited significant hospitals in the United Arab Emirates, such as the Al Maerid Health Center MOH in Ras Al Khaimah and the Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah. At the latter, Eyer was introduced to the entire ophthalmology team.

Phelcom nos Emirados Árabes

Phelcom provided training on the use and commercial presentation of the portable retinal camera, Eyer, to their local partner and distributor, Allm MEA.

Pilot Project in Egypt

Phelcom has also conducted training on the use of Eyer at Ain Shams University Virtual Hospital (AVH) in Cairo, Egypt. “We are participating in a pilot project focused on teleophthalmology at AVH, which is responsible for one of the largest telemedicine programs in the country,” Costa explains.

The hospital develops technology-enabled healthcare systems in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. The project involves international collaborators and beneficiaries specializing in telemedicine, e-health research, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and innovative healthcare models.

Phelcom no Emirados Árabes

Phelcom’s team during training on the use of Eyer at Ain Shams University Virtual Hospital.

Eyer is currently present in 6 countries.

Eyer was approved in the United Arab Emirates in the second quarter of this year. As a result, Phelcom now operates in six countries: Brazil, the United States, Japan, Chile, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, the company is in the regulatory process for marketing Eyer in other locations such as Mexico, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

For Phelcom CEO, José Augusto Stuchi, being a Brazilian company operating in important global markets is a source of pride and great responsibility. “Internationalization undoubtedly expands our potential reach. However, it also increases our commitment to providing excellent quality products that truly benefit professionals,” he affirms.


Phelcom (20) (3)

 Retina examination conducted with Eyer.

Eyer is a portable retinal camera that attaches to a smartphone and performs high-quality retinal examinations in minutes, without the need for pupil dilation.

The technology aids in the diagnosis of over 50 diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, AMD, retinoblastoma, hypertensive retinopathy, and ocular toxoplasmosis. To date, more than 10 million examinations have been conducted in Brazil, the United States, Chile, and Colombia.

The portability and affordable price of the technology democratizes access to retinal examinations, costing approximately ten times less than a conventional tabletop retinal camera that still requires integration with a computer.

About Phelcom

Phelcom Technologies is a Brazilian medtech company based in São Carlos, São Paulo. The company’s story began in 2016 when three young researchers – a physicist, an electronic engineer, and a computer engineer (PHysics, ELectronics, COMputing) – created a portable retinal camera integrated with a smartphone.

The idea for the first prototype emerged from the interest of co-founder Diego Lencione in visual health, as his brother has a condition that severely affects the retina and vision that he’s had since childhood.

In 2019, Phelcom launched its first product, the portable retinal camera Eyer, to the Brazilian market. Today, the technology has reached over two million people throughout Brazil and other countries it is present in..

In four years, the company has participated in over 100 social initiatives and was recently named one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Brazil by Forbes.

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