By the time this article was published, Brazil had registered more than 4,3 million cases and 133 thousand deaths by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Although there is a decrease in new cases, there is still stability in death numbers

In the face of such scenario, telemedicine and artificial intelligence rise as useful tools during the current pandemic.

It is the case of the online platforms Médico Solidário, Medic Talk and Missão Covid.  The three projects were created to offer free first medical guidance and support to Covid-19 patients, besides reducing lines and circulation of people with few symptoms in hospitals. 

In order to supply this demand, mainly from the population at risk, the initiatives demand volunteer professionals. 

Understand, as follows, how these three platforms work offering free online health care and learn how to be a volunteer. 


Médico Solidário


In the website Médico Solidário, it is Sara, the virtual nurse, who provides the first care.  She offers dozens of answers to doubts related to Covid-19 and is able to identify the main evidences of the disease. 

When a symptom or set of symptoms is identified, the patient is guided to set an appointment via telemedicine.  The request is made in the platform itself, which makes a digital triage to prioritize graver cases.

After that, it directs the consultation via videoconference to the many professionals that compose the medical staff.  All this process still includes electronic record, medicine prescriptions and even the request for examinations and issuing of digital certificates. 

The project focuses mainly on vulnerable communities all around the country.  This way, it helps offering more healthcare access to low-income population, avoiding that they move to hospitals and Healthcare Units, considered potential contamination areas. 


Free online healthcare service – how to volunteer

Still on the platform, doctors from all kinds of expertise may subscribe to work as volunteers.  The idea is to use the professionals’ available work hours to care for people at risk during the pandemic.

atendimento médico on-line gratuito




Medic Talk website offers free online medical care for people under suspicion or Covid-19 treatment.  It counts on the participation of doctors from various Brazilian states, experts in areas related to the struggle against the disease: pneumologists, otorhinolaryngologists, general practitioners and infectologists. In addition, it offers care for patients from all the country, including the ones living abroad. 

It aims to offer first medical guidance and support to patients for free, besides reducing lines and circulation of people with few symptoms in hospitals. 

After registering, the patient chooses a specialist and schedules a consultation.  He/she goes through the virtual consultation on the appointment date, via computer, tablet or cellphone. 

Doctors interested in volunteering to the project may register here


Missão Covid


jornada do paciente


Missão Covid is a platform where the patient with Covid-19 symptoms receives free via telemedicine.  For that, just register to the website.

Non-profitable, the project seeks to assist the population who needs medical care. It uses telemedicine for that purpose. This way, it provides first aid to patients under suspicion and distinguishes who must, in fact, either look for a hospital or remain home.

Furthermore, Missão Covid does not offer medical prescriptions.

The project also counts on volunteer doctors of any expertise. Click here to volunteer.




In this unprecedented time in the world, free online medical care is critical to bring people together and help them, mainly those at social vulnerability.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence and telemedicine tend to intensify during and after the pandemic. They are important tools to democratize and provide access to quality healthcare to all the population.


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