Searching for an exam

To access an exam you first need to log in to EyerCloud.

Then you can access the “Exams” list through the side menu, which shows the exams with the most recent ones being shown first. You can also filter the exams by the date they were performed.

On the content field you can check the contents of an exam. The picture icon indicates that there are images in this exam, the pdf icon indicates a report was created for this exam, the circle indicates that the images have been analyzed by the EyerMaps (if the circle is green no abnormalities were found, and yellow and red indicate abnormalities found).

You can also download the exam by clicking on the first icon.

The status of the exam is also shown in this screen, on the right side, whether the exam is open or closed.

Faq How To Find An Exam 01

Another way to find exams is through the “Patients” list. In this page you can search for the patient profile that contains the exam you want to see.

Faq How To Find An Exam 02 1

On the patient profile, go to the “Exams” tab, and select the exam you want to see. There also are indicators for the content of the exam and its status on this page.

Faq How To Find An Exam 03

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.