Using the EyerMaps

EyerMaps helps identify multiple pathologies, mainly: Glaucoma, AMD, and Diabetic Retinopathy

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When performing the capture of an image with Eyer, the system will automatically evaluate the captured image, then evaluate if there is alteration in the patient’s retina.

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Capture the image and the system evaluates automatically whether there is  a change in the retina

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A new photo will be generated in the gallery that presents a map of attention, showing  changes in the retina

You can check that the image was analyzed by EyerMaps by the circle close to the indicator of laterality on the upper right corner of the pictures in the gallery. A green circle indicates that no abnormalities were found, while a yellow or red circle indicates that alterations where identified.

HeatMap usage is also possible in exams that have already been completed.


Select the image to apply the HeatMap

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Click on the three dots in the upper right  corner and select the option HeatMap.

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Select create

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If changes are identified, a new image will be generated in gallery showing an attention map.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.