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The prevention of irreversible blindness begins with high quality retinal examinations performed anywhere.

Eyer Fundus Camera

Topcon Triton (Tabletop)

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Meet Eyer

high-quality portable fundus camera

Eyer Retina Images

Anterior Segment


Optic Nerve Stereophoto


The latest in portable retinography for prevention

Ico Home High Quality

High quality

Phelcom’s patented high-tech technology allows high quality exams to be performed on a portable device integrated into the smartphone.

Ico Home Connectivity


Eyer is automatically connected since it is integrated into the smartphone, making it easy to share and access examinations data in the cloud.

Ico Home Non Mydriatic


With Eyer it is possible to perform retinal examinations at any location without the need to use eye drops for pupil dilation, increasing patient comfort and decreasing exam time.

Ico Home Easy Operation

Easy operation

With minimal training, any healthcare professional can use Eyer to perform high-quality retinal examinations in less than 1 minute.

Ico Home Attention Area

Attention Maps

Eyer has intelligent functions to help in the patient screening and referral.

Ico Home Panoramic


Eyer’s internal focal points allow for panoramic images capturing a field of view of greater than 100 degrees.


Eyer’s portability and connectivity allow examinations to be performed anywhere, reducing time, costs and distance.

Img Home Teleophthalmology Gradient
Img Home Spec

Eyer Specifications

Portable non-mydriatic retinograph
Field 45°
Resolution Sensor of 12 MP (Image resolution: 1600×1600 pixels)
Exams Color, red free and anterior segment
Internal Fixation 11 targets for peripheral imaging
Focus -20D a +20D, autofocus
Pupil size 3 mm of minimum size
Format JPEG, PDF and DICOM
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 included
System Android 11
Screen 6.1 inch AMOLED 3040 x 1440 (Quad HD+)
Processor 8 cores (2.7 GHz, 2.3 GHz, 1.9 GHz)
Memory 128 GB (ROM) and 8 GB (RAM)
Connectivity WI-FI or 4G
Battery 3400 mAh – Approximately 60 exams
Weight 690 g
Telemedicine Automatic integration with EyerCloud
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Eyer: Nº 81663569001
Eyer Cloud: Nº 81663560001

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510(k): K221329

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who trusts us

Img Who Is Who Dr Paulo Schor

“Its image quality, easy to use and easy to learn form factor, panoramic image stitching, and heat maps make photo acquisition and image transfer to the EMR seamless. It does not disrupt clinic flow and its ability to acquire images through a 2.5 mm pupil is impressive”

Bala Ambati, MD

Oregon, USA

Img Who Is Who Dr Paulo Schor

“Working together with the Phelcom team on the project to develop and validate a portable retinography system was an interesting and innovative research experience. The use of the cell phone as a base for capturing and working with the fundus eye images was challenging from the beginning, especially when searching for a device tha did not depend on medicated mydriasis. The success we had with this project, came from the constant evolution of technological resources and was due to a fruitful interaction of the whole team, particularly with the use of ideas coming from the problems observed in practive with patients. In the end, the product and it’s market formulation will be able to facilitate the medical routine, especially fot ophthalmologists, in a modern, accessible and democratic way.”

Paulo Schor, MD

Brazil | CRM SP-65093

Img Who Is Who Dr Paulo Schor
“I met the Eyer at a medical congress and simply fell in love. Besides the easiness of transportation, because it is a portable device, small and very user-friendly, we can make fundus examinations quickly and efficiently, even with patients in miosis.”

Jayter Silva de Paula, MD

Brazil | CRM SP-91625

Img Who Is Who Dr Paulo Schor
“The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the panelists and not necessarily the opinions, beliefs, viewpoints or official policy of Phelcom Technologies. The presentation is provided for informational purposes only.”

Juliana Barbi, MD

Brazil | CRM SP-47688

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the panelists and not necessarily the opinions, beliefs, viewpoints or official policy of Phelcom Technologies. The presentation is provided for informational purposes only.

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