During the XIX Caipira Congress, in June 2029, in Bauru (SP), the ophthalmologist Flávio Augusto Schiave Germano met the newly released smart device Phelcom Eyer.

Coupled to a smartphone, the device carries out high-quality fundus exams, in few minutes and without need of pupil dilation.  It connects to an online platform, enables remote diagnosis and assures safety to data stored in the cloud.

Some months later, the doctor looked for similar devices in the annual congress of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  “But the national equipment, from São Carlos, proved to be superior both in image quality and design.  It is lightweight and portable – handling is quick and intuitive, which makes it easy to use in any situation”, states Germano.

In September, 2020, the ophthalmologist acquired the smart device. He currently uses it every day in his office and in the medical residence service in the Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology (CEO), in Bauru (SP).

In the last six months, he carried out more than 1,1 thousand exams, totaling around 5,5 thousand images.  As the service of medical residence works with the glaucoma ambulatory, images are mostly from the optic disc and the surrounding fibers and of the visual field.


Phelcom Eyer


Germano highlights two features of the Phelcom Eyer.  “it is not necessary to carry out the exam under mydriasis, which gives more safety to patients with narrow-angle glaucoma*, and it is possible to correct the degree of myopia and hyperopia up to 20 D” he highlights.

Other positive aspects evaluated by the doctor are the fast patient registration, fast imaging and the photo resolution. “It is great and, even when exams are sent to report, the image quality remains high”, he states.

The ophthalmologist sees a great cost-effectiveness in the device. “It is an investment that brings various benefits: it helps the academic department of medical residence, patients feel safer with the regular follow-up through the retinographies and the description in medical records turns more consistent and reliable”, he points out.


Eyer Cloud


Phelcom Eyer integrates to Eyer Cloud, an online platform that enables storing and managing the patient exams. All data the equipment captures synchronize with the system automatically, so that they upload to the cloud with complete safety.

“Eyer Cloud is simple, modern and intuitive,” says Germano. Main features include the possibility of gathering information of a single patient from more than one clinic and visualize them in the platform; searching patients by name or exam date; and creating report templates from pre-ready models that the system provides.

In case of no internet access during the exam, images remain stored in the device and are sent to the cloud as soon as a connection is available.

The tool may be accessed in the device itself or via cellphone, tablet or computer.


Slit lamp


Phelcom slit lamp support. Note: This photo was taken before covid-19 pandemic.


About Phelcom slit lamp support, which enables attaching Eyer to a tabletop, Germano says it eases the documentation by providing agility and optimal alignment between the patient face and the fundus camera.

“The device also offers the advantage of not needing to directly touch the eyelids and eyelashes of patients, which guarantees more safety during the pandemic”, he notes.


Phelcom Technologies


Eyer is the first equipment of Phelcom Technologies, startup that unites technology and health, headquartered in São Carlos (SP). It produces portable devices, connected and wearable, aiming to democratize access to healthcare, offering more from less and to more people.

“Phelcom can synthesize what is best in startups: agility in the communication, highly effective in technical support and innovation in favor of patients. Undoubtedly, Eyer is a great investment in a diagnostic toolbox increasingly important to the ophthalmologic practice”, evaluates Germano.