How to edit an image?

Click on the image you want to edit, it will enlarge, and then on the icon .
The options on the editing screen are:

  • Crop;
  • Measures;
  • Rotation;
  • Levels.

01 En



To crop an image, select the shape you want (square or ellipse) from the icon and the cropping location. At , automatically the field of view is resized to a standard size of 15° x 15°.
To save the changes, click on .
To remove the changes, click on .


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Select the shape you want (square or ellipse) and the region of interest. The measurement in mm will be shown on the screen, below it the area in mm² and the field of view in degrees of the region. Confirm the change by saving it.

It is possible to do only one measurement per image, so the options available for editing after the measurement are “Levels”.


03 En



Using the rotation bar it is possible to rotate the image right/left. By confirming the rotation the user is allowed to crop, measure or adjust the illumination of the image.


04 En



In the “Levels” tab it is possible to change the lighting level and contrast of the image by slideing the bars to the right/left. When confirming the color adjustments the user is allowed to crop, measure or rotate the image.


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Feel free to edit! A new image will be created from the original one, preserving it.


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