How to configure a shared folder for Eyer on Windows

Download the following executable to automatically set up the folder on your computer. To download, Click Here.

After downloading, follow these steps to easily configure the shared folder on your computer.

1. Unzip the folder on your computer to access the executable that will set up a shared folder.

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2. After extracting the executable, right-click it and run it as administrator.


3. When you click on ‘Run as Administrator’, a window will be open and you will be asked to create a password. Insert a password to continue.


4. With this information, we will configure your Eyer to synchronize with your computer.

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SMB Configuration in Eyer

Click on Options and then select Servers. On the bottom left of the Servers screen click on the (+) icon to add a new server; On the Servers list, choose SMB (CIFS).

Choose the server Action (Priority); Fill in the blanks with the information of the Server created on the computer and click the Check button to complete the configuration.

A. Primary: Communication base server (EyerCloud). It cannot be removed, only disabled;

B. Mirror: All information generated by the equipment will be synchronized in all mirroring servers, in addition to the primary server;

C. Contingency: Executed only when the primary fails;

D. Manual: It will be available for sending information, but will not be executed, unless it is manually chosen for sending information;

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