Activating MFA

You can enable MFA (multi factor authentication) to improve your EyerCloud account security. To configure MFA go to your user profile and select “Configure” next to MFA.

Faq Activating Mfa 01

There are two options ways to increase your account security, setting either your email or your mobile phone number to receive a code to log into your account.

Faq Activating Mfa 02
Faq Activating Mfa 03
Faq Activating Mfa 04

After selecting one of the options, you will receive a code for the selected authentication method. Input it in the text box below to finish the configuration.

Faq Activating Mfa 05

When logging into your EyerCloud account you will now need to enter the code that is sent to you authentication method. If you need to remove the MFA, simply click “Remove” and confirm your decision.

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Faq Activating Mfa 07

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.