Check out what our EyerDocs are saying about Phelcom’s Smart Medical Device Eyer.

The image quality, usability and portability of Phelcom’s Eyer has been captivating ophthalmologists all over the world!

“The thing I liked and loved most about this device was the panoramic photos. It can merge the images easily, without effort and delivers fantastic photos”.

Dr. Davyson Sampaio

Dr Davyson - Eyer da Phelcom
Dr Rubens Belfort Jr - Eyer da Phelcom

“The picture quality is very good. It is certainly not inferior to other much more expensive models. It is probably even better than these. The quality is so good that the pictures taken in the research are accepted in the best ophthalmology journals in the world”.

“I was delighted when I acquired this device almost 2 years ago. The initial goal was really to have a portable device because of the need, for the size of the company. Today I tell you, I have no doubt, that if I were to buy another retinal camera, I would invest in the Phelcom Eyer. Not only for the size, but for the quality, for the technology that the device offers”.

Dr. Amilton Sampaio

Dr Amilton
Dr Fabiana Vailatti

“If you ask me where the Eyer is in my daily routine, it is by my side, all the time. It brings the patient together with the diagnosis. it brings the patient to the understanding of the treatment”.

Dr. Fabiana Vailatti

“I highly recommend this device that has only added to my ophthalmologic practice”.

Dr. Juliana Barbi

Dra Juliana -  Eyer da Phelcom
Dra Manuela -  Eyer da Phelcom

“Excellent images. I have quit dilating patients so I can see the retina, with a clarity that I didn’t have in my daily life”.

Dr. Manuela Benites Gomes