Startup Phelcom Technologies has a lot to celebrate. Its first product, Phelcom Eyer handheld fundus camera, has carried out 100,000 exams. The equipment was released to market only 1 year and 4 months ago.

Anterior segment and color retinography exams are the most performed at present. “An estimated 850 professionals utilize the technology and there are about 90.000 patients registered to our online platform, the Eyer Cloud”, says Phelcom co-founder and CEO, José Augusto Stuchi.

200 thousand exams are expected to be produced by half of 2021.

Phelcom Eyer

Phelcom Eyer is state-of-the-art in portable retinography for prevention and diagnose of eye related diseases.

The device works attached to a smartphone and performs high-quality retina exams in few minutes, without need for pupil dilation. Integrated to cloud, it automatically provides data in the EyerCloud online platform. Therefore, it enables a doctor to diagnose from anywhere over the world.

Eyer aims to help tackling vision impairment and blindness worldwide, which affect 2,2 billion people, according to the World Health Organization. One billion out of those cases would be avoidable or remediable. That is to say, they occurred due to lack of access to proper care, such as exams and treatments.

Phelcom Eyer


Eyer Cloud

Eyer Cloud is an online platform integrated to Phelcom Eyer handheld fundus camera, which enables storage and management of patient exams. All data the equipment captures are automatically synchronized to the system, allowing a completely safe upload to the cloud.

More than having a backup of all the information in a safe server, the user has all data organized within a user-friendly functional intuitive interface. Furthermore, platform access is available through the device or via cellphone, tablet and computer.

“It is possible to quickly and easily register all the patients to the system, view high-quality and large size images on screen and, then, make a report”, explains Phelcom co-founder and COO, Flávio Pascoal Vieira.

Any healthcare professional – not necessarily an expert – is able to carry out the exam in the field after a brief training. For that, the physician can liberate specific accesses for each team member. For example, a technician may only register patients and capture images. The external specialist, in its turn, is able to generate diagnoses without accessing patient’s personal information, thus keeping their privacy.

Among the main functionalities are the possibility of separating patient information with more than one clinic and visualize them in the same platform and doctor profile; locating patients by name or exam date; and creating report templates from pre-made models available in the system.

In case there is no internet connection for the exam, the device stores the images and uploads them to the cloud as soon as a connection is available.

Phelcom Eyer

Phelcom Technologies

Phelcom Technologies is a startup that brings technology and healthcare together, headquartered in São Carlos, SP, Brazil. It manufactures connected wearable handheld devices, aiming to democratize access to healthcare, offering better services, with a compact equipment, to more people.

In order to develop its first product, the startup received funding from Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP), a foundation for scientific research and from Samsumg Creative Economy Promotion Program as well. It also counts on support from the incubators Supera Parque and, the latter from Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein.