Have you heard about the advantages of Clubhouse for doctors? One of the latest social networks has stood out due to the quality content shared by professionals who are references in the health area.

One of the great features in the new platform is the exclusive use of audio. Everything happens in real-time, in rooms the users themselves create, so it offers plenty of rich contents only found there.

Learn more about Clubhouse, its benefits and 5 must-see clubs for doctors.


Clubhouse-how it works


Clubhouse is a social network based on voice chats. Conversations take place in rooms – the clubs – created by members according to their common interests, more informally, even on important matters.

Chats are always live. The “speakers” mediate the discussions: they are users who can speak during the chat, and the” listeners” can only listen to the conversation. You can ask the group admins for speaking. They may accept the request or not.

At the end of the chat, clubs are no longer accessible. Any member can create new rooms, private or public, and invite participants. You can also create an event, providing date, time and content description.

The audience of each room is measured according to the number of members, participation of renowned experts, spontaneous interactions and exchange of genuine experiences. That is, content is king to attract members, even more so when there are no features like photos and videos.

This way, Clubhouse offers a set of audio discussions, podcasts and live calls. Created rooms are suggested to members according to the interests they select by creating their profiles.

However, it is only possible to join the social network through an invitation, which makes the application even more exclusive. Another “stumbling block” until a few months ago was the exclusive availability for iPhone (iOS). Since May, Android users may also download the app.


Clubhouse for doctors – advantages


In fact, Clubhouse offers advantages not only for doctors, but professionals from various fields. For example, live and audio-only content make communication more natural, with spontaneous and assertive responses. It is also a big plus for those who do not like to record videos.

One of the benefits pointed out by several doctors is to be in contact and exchange information with college friends, colleagues of the area and renowned specialists. Another advantage is the possibility to share knowledge and become a reference in your area of activity, strengthening your authority and credibility not only among fellow professionals, but also potential clients.

This is because Clubhouse for doctors can be used to create and strengthen professional relationships and also for medical marketing.


Reviewed by Paulo Schor, ophthalmologist, associate professor and director of innovation of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) and collaborator of the Faculty of Medicine of the Albert Einstein Hospital.


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