How to configure SMB in Eyer – Windows

Create a new folder on the computer where the images will be stored. Right-click on the desired folder location; in the menu click on the New button, then Folder. In the example the eyer folder was created inside the Documents directory.



Right click on the created folder and in the menu click Properties; in the eyer Properties window select the Sharing tab and click Share…



Select an user to access the folder. You can choose an already created user on the computer or Create a new user. After choosing the user, give him/her permission to Read/Write.



Click Done. The sharing is set.



In the bottom right corner of the Windows Toolbar click on the Network & Internet settings icon; Click on the Properties of the connection; Save the IPV4 address.


SMB Configuration in Eyer

Click on Options and then select Servers. On the bottom left of the Servers screen click on the (+) icon to add a new server; On the Servers list, choose SMB (CIFS).


Choose the server Action (Priority); Fill in the blanks with the information of the Server created on the computer and click the Check button to complete the configuration.



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