How to configure SMB in Eyer – Mac

Create a destination folder for the files. (In the example we created the Samba folder on the Desktop). Right click on the folder and click Get Info. Select the option Shared Folder.


In System Preferences click on Sharing; in Sharing click on the folder created (Samba) and then on Options. Select the user(s) who will have access to the shared folder and select the option Share files and folders using SMB, if it is not selected.


Click on the Network icon, located on the Desktop and on the menu that opens click on Open Network Preferences. Write down the IP provided. This is your server address.

In Eyer, click Options; then Servers and in the (+) icon to add a new server.

Click on SMB (CFIS); Fill in the fields with the server data and click on the Check button. The server has been created and is ready to use.


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